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Divi Visual Builder Plugin for WordPress

Probabaly the best page builder for WordPress and the easiest way build websites!

The Divi Visual Builder for WordPress let´s you directly work on the frontend of your website and functions with any WordPress theme. It is such a pure pleasure and empowerment, particularly for anyone not being able to code. Hence, for us the Divi visual builder is certainly the best WordPress drag and drop website builder plugin 2017. But see yourself!

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You can now use the visual builder and the Divi builder on any WordPress theme

The new visual builder is a part of the popular Divi builder plugin, which allows you to build astonishing websites with a one of a kind drag and drop interface. Unlike other WordPress page builders, the new Divi visual builder enables you to work on your website in the front end, so that you directly see the results of your actions.

The visual builder is a revolutionary interface for the Divi builder, that allows you to design breathtaking pages on the front end of your website in real time. Therewith, you can see instantly the effect of any changes you make on your website. No more need to refresh a page and wait until the loading off the modified page is finished. With the Divi visual builder you just make a change to your page and it appears instantly. That is a tremendous time saver for anyone building websites with WordPress. Try the following two step process in building websites with Divi and you will never go back.

Create the structure of your website in the backend

Use the Divi builder in the backend to create the general structure of your website, such as sections, columns and content modules.

Adjust, fine tune and finish your page with the visual builder

Next, go to the front end of your website and enable the visual builder. In real time, you can adjust color, seizes, fonts, spacing and add or modify text. All you need to do is on the area you like to modify and start typing. Drag and drop to arrange content from any of the Divi builder over 40 content elements to create just about anything you can imagine.

Benefits summary

In the visual builder everything happens instantly, that means there is no need to refresh your page and little to no loading time. Each design decision is met with instant gratification. For beginners, it the Divi builder allows you to build the websites you want without having to touch a single line of code or struggle with a bunch of disjointed plugins. For professionals, the Divi visual builder brings to WordPress web design a new kind of speed, efficiency and fun. It is really something you have to experience to understand and once you do there is just no going back. You are absolutely going to love to build your next website with the visual builder, that is included in the Divi builder from to 2.0 onwards.

We are an official Elegant Themes Affiliate partner.